Hakuba Cho

  • 82 Bank
  • Acoop supermarket
  • Emu
  • Fish Republik
  • Gravity Worx
  • Hunten
  • Info centre
  • Kikyo-ya
  • Loco Tune-up
  • Lucky Petes Cafe and Bar
  • Matsumoto Bank
  • Nagano Bank
  • Oshimo
  • Pharmacy
  • Pharmacy
  • Post Office
  • Tenjin no Yu (hotspring)_Highland Hotel
  • The Boarding Co.
  • Tottsuan
  • Yamatoya Ski shop

About Hakuba Cho

Hakuba train station, a couple of banks, the Hakuba P.O. with a foreign card friendly ATM, a supermarket, some restaurants and a Boarding Co. shop among other ski paraphenalia shops, the business part of town. And of course a McDonalds for those of you in need of a fix.

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