• Hotel Hifumi
  • Spa Hotel Taigakukan
  • Yamano Hotel
  • Hotel Moegi
  • Goryukan Hotel
  • 1998 Olympic Ski Jumps
  • Bankokya
  • Bar Cross
  • Bar Refuel
  • Evergreen Outdoor Centre
  • H+ Ski shop
  • Hakuba Happo Onsen
  • Happo Alpico Bus Terminal and Information desk
  • Happo Onsen (hotspring)
  • Jacks Sports Bar
  • Lawson Convenience store.
  • Lion Cafe
  • Maeda
  • Mimizuku Onsen (hotspring)
  • Miyama
  • Mount Liquor Shop
  • Obinata Private Outdoor Onasen
  • Recovery Bar
  • Ricky's place
  • Root Café
  • Satonoyu Onsen (hotspring)
  • Sos Ski shop
  • Uncle Stevens
  • Yamayoshi
  • Yohei Club

About Happo

This was the first area of Hakuba to be developed as a ski area. Located around the base of the Happo Nakiyama ski area and the Happo gondola and extending some 400m back from the base of the hill.

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