Cuisine in Hakuba Part 2

6th August, 2013

Hakuba Cho area;

The station area is not where you will be staying but its only 5 minutes in a taxi or you can walk there from Happo in about 15 minutes. Don’t neglect this area of Hakuba for a fine dining experience as it’s well worth the journey! There's Gravity Worx, a minute’s walk north from Hakuba station and while long considered the best pizza's and Italian food in town with the recent influx of new restaurants some might dispute that now.  In the station area proper is Tanuki’s trying to wrest the title of best pizza in town and they also serve great burgers too.  Opposite Tanuki’s is the Bamboo Café serving a large selection of good coffees and teas and homemade baked goodies too.  South in the opposite direction of Gravity Worx and just 5 minutes walk from the station there is Kikyoya, definitely the best Sushi bar in town with the friendliest master as well.  Ono san will welcome you with a “G’Day mate”.  Straight up the hill from the station towards Happo is Hunten one of the 2 finest Chinese restaurants we have in Hakuba and right next door is a good Korean BBQ place called Yamaya. Add to that Emu for really cheap and large servings of traditional Japanese Okonomiyaki (Japanese style pizza), gyoza (dumplings), and chicken or pork katsu (deep fried), as well as another half dozen little places clustered around the train station and your choices are many.   Check your accommodation for more info!


The Wadano area north of Happo ski resort is one of the most popular accommodation areas in Hakuba.

Wadano has some of the more expensive hotels in town and at the dearer end also doesn’t disappoint with the food. The Pub is probably the busiest and the name says it all, pub food like anywhere in the world and there's a steak house right next door. Close by is Hummingbird with a cheap selection of various dishes prepared by a New York trained chef and across the road from there is the Tokyu Hotel with three world class restaurants as only a five star hotel can do, French, Japanese and bar foods.  Back up the Wadano road about half way to the Sakka lift is La Neige Higashikan with great French cuisine, among the best in town but don’t forget your wallet if you come here! There are also a few more quality places up the other end of Wadano but with a little walk away don’t forget to check the Ski Japan Travel maps for the locations so you don’t get lost!!


Next blog is on Echoland.

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