Cuisine in Hakuba Part 3

8th August, 2013

And finally we get to Echoland which has so many places we are going to break it in 2.

Lower Echoland.

Soba or buck wheat noodles is traditional to this area and is so popular with the Japanese that there are many Soba restaurants in Hakuba.  Often side by side, one of the best of these is Zen, opposite the 7/11, right next door to Zen is another Soba shop also very popular!  Fifty metres down the road is the little Alaskan Burger shop selling a range of delicious burgers take out style but they have a tent you can tuck into them as well if you don’t want to take them home.  Another fifty metres away is the famous Non Jaes, a traditional Japanese Izakaya with the most comprehensive menu of local and foreign dishes in town.  And in the other direction from Zen is Hindi Momo serving the best Indian food in Hakuba.

Upper Echoland.

Where most of the accommodation is located in this part of Hakuba, (lower Echoland is perhaps 5-10 minutes walk away if you're staying in this part of town)

Starting at the top with Sounds Like Cafe, perhaps the only restaurant in Hakuba open all day its now a favourite with the locals with sandwiches, wraps and pizza. Down the hill and opposite is Hiie, a smaller and maybe more delux Izakaya than Non Jaes. Opposite is a newly opened Grill that I havent tried yet but looks promising. Down and opposite again we have SaruGaku serving delicious Nagano traditional style cuisine and right next door is Taco Tako with a fusion of Mexican and local dishes and opposite them is Chanko Nabe the food the Sumo wrestlers chow down upon, definitely something differnt this one but very tasty!! All these restaurants are within about 100 metres of each other so its a great place to come for a feed anytime of day and around the corner another 200 metres is Cherry pub with great pizzas and pub food while in the other direction is a bake house.

Once again please check out the Ski Japan Travel maps for locations!!

Itadakimasu!! (Thanks for the food)  Lets eat!!

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