Hakuba's Secret Ski Areas Part 2

22nd August, 2013

Sanosaka: The most southern ski resort in Hakuba that is on the multi resort lift pass Sanosaka is a great place for families and those that have never skied powder before.  It's not where the gung-ho crowd would be heading due to its gentle slopes but that is the reason to go!  It is NEVER crowded and offers some great views down to Aoki Lake where we swim in summer.  It is not a huge resort which is another good reason the crowds aren't here but that means your kids will be safe from speeding hoons and the grooming stays in impeccable shape all day.

Another great aspect of Sanosaka is the mogul run, if you're into moguls this is the spot! They have a perfectly prepared mogul run like you would see in the Olympics with moguls you could put a string line on.  It is meticulously looked after and has a huge jump at the bottom.  So if Mum and the kids want to have their first go at powder and Dad is a bit bored with it he can go and see how good he really is in the bumps.   And likewise if its mum who’s bored and prefers to hit the mogels and would rather leave dad with the kids this is a great spot!

They groom in the evenings as they do at all Hakuba resorts and if it dumps all night they only re-groom about half the slopes but the un-groomed ones have a bottom you can rely on so it's not scary at all and because there's never people there it remains untracked all day.....no bruises or broken bones here!

A great place to try if you're not yet a kamikaze skier and if you ever wanted a ski resort to yourself check out Sanosaka!

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