Hakuba's Secret Ski Areas Part 3

27th August, 2013

Norikura:  Located a short drive north of Tsugaike and adjacent to the Cortina ski area Norikura would be the least patronised of all the ski areas in Hakuba.  It's so quiet here that quite often it appears there are more people working at the resort than there are guests skiing the runs.!!

Norikura has wide open spaces and gentle slopes which makes it perfect for the kids.  In good weather it gets more sunshine than most of the ski areas in town.  It is also a great place to head for first timers in powder snow. With its empty slopes you can get fresh tracks all day on a powder day! There is also something for the more adventurous with some hidden gems out the back for those that are willing to take a look. The northern end of the valley also gets more snow than any of the more southern resorts located closer to Hakuba town so that’s another great reason to give Norikura a try.

Iwatake:  Located just north of Happo One Ski Resort and while not really unknown does not have the same buzz going on about it as say Happo or Hakuba 47 or more recently Cortina however it is a gem in the rough.  It is close to get to, being just 10 or 15 minutes by free shuttle ride from where your accommodation is located if staying downtown Hakuba and it has something for everyone.  Wide open, gentle slopes for the kids and less experience skiers as well as good gladed powder runs for Mums and Dads and the more experienced types.  It also has one of the best views of the rest of the Hakuba valley from the southern side.  You can check out where you've been riding on Happo and 47!!  It’s a great place to get those unforgettable holiday photos.

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