Hakuba's Secret Ski Areas

20th August, 2013

Kashimayari Ski Resort:  Located at the southern most part of the Hakuba valley Kashimayari is almost unheard of to most foreign inbound ski enthusiasts even though it is one of the biggest ski areas in the valley.  Although very popular with the Japanese skiers and snowboarders on the weekend, on weekdays the resort is relatively uncrowded.  Boasting a huge central bowl that is bathed in sunshine most of the day and surrounded by steep northern and southern facing runs Kashimayari has something for everyone.  Home to one of the steepest inbound ski runs in Hakuba there is also lots of wide open spaces with gentle gradients for the kids and a couple of restaurants where you can dine outside on sunny days.

There are a couple of other things I just thought you should know.

1. There are a couple of inbound tree areas here that are well worth a look, both face north meaning the sun doesn't ruin the powder, one is quite mellow and the other more for the better skiers but both are good days after a dump due to the difficulty in getting here.

2. Kashimayari has the best and biggest night skiing area in Hakuba and you can even ski the trees from the illumination provided!!

OK, now the downside, Kashimayari is just 15 minutes drive from downtown Hakuba but  it is not included on the inbound multi resort lift ticket so you will have to shell out for a pass once you get there.  More importantly there are no free shuttles servicing the area so to get there you will need to get a taxi or borrow/hire a car to access it.  It also receives less snow than the more northern resorts so heading there after a good dump is advisable.

Believe me though this is one of Hakuba's gems so worth the effort to get there if you get it on the right day.       

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