Hakuba or Niseko

26th July, 2013

So you’ve decided on Japan for your next ski holiday, but where? With hundreds of resorts to choose from here are a few facts about the two most popular ones.


  • It has well over 100 lifts.  This makes it one of the biggest ski areas in Japan. 
  • It has terrain for all levels from wide open beginner runs to serious experts only backcountry and everything in between. 
  • There is no waiting in lift lines.
  • With temperatures rarely getting below -5 Celsius in the village the weather is relatively pleasant. 
  • Easy access to other great resorts like Nozawa Onsen as well as Tokyo and other cultural destinations that are not far away. 
  • Great for the kids Disneyland and/or Disney Sea is a great add in for a family holiday


  • It has under 40 lifts.  
  • It does have great snow but the flatter terrain can be a little limiting for those searching for more variety in runs. 
  • The temperature can get to -20 degrees which can be pretty chilly for the kids, especially when wanting to play in the snow.  
  • To get there you may have to take an extra flight making the package more expensive.
  • Culturally, well you could be forgiven for thinking you were in Australia.

This is not to say Niseko isn’t a good place, but Hakuba just offers so much more.  If you’re going to Japan to ski, a holiday in the Japanese Alps simply can’t be beaten.

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