If you are working from home in lockdown why not do it in Hakuba?

19th April, 2020

Get away from crowded streets, trains and other possible virus transmission hotspots by living in the countryside. Echo Hotel is currently offering 60-70% off the off peak low season rates on 3 luxury holiday rentals for monthly rates.

One 3 bedroom (or interconnected 5 bedroom) and one 2 bedroom (or interconnected 4 bedroom) fully self contained condominiums, each with its own private floor serviced by a foyer entrance with automatic sliding doors, no need to touch anything on entering and exiting the building.

And one 3 bedroom stand alone house.

All 3 properties have high speed wifi connection and Netflix

Free car parking.

Peace of mind for you and your family.

Walks in the countryside, Mt biking. Personal SPACE!

Local restaurants providing take out (some home delivery) menus include; Thai, Pizza/Italian, Mexican, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Steak, Burgers.

For inquiries contact us at [email protected]  or call us on 080 4631 6363


http://hakubaechohotel.com/all-room-list/two-bedroom-condo/  2 brm/2 bathroom 60% discount (Y448,00 per mth/28 days)

http://hakubaechohotel.com/all-room-list/three-bedroom-condo/ 3 bdm/2 bathroom  60% discount (Y470,000 per mth/28 days)

http://hakubaechohotel.com/all-room-list/4-bedroom-condo/  4 bdm/2 lounge/3 bathroom 70% discount (Y588,000 per mth/28 days)

http://hakubaechohotel.com/all-room-list/5-bedroom-condo/  5 bdm/2 lounge/3 bathroom 70% discount (Y605,000 per mth/28 days)

http://hakubaechohotel.com/all-room-list/echo-cabin/  3 bdm/1 bathroom/ 2 toilets 70% discount (Y392,000 per mth/28 days)

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