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5th June, 2018


If you want to work a ski season in Hakuba there are a number of different roles that are on offer from Hotel managers and general hotel workers to lift operators and ski instructors.  Generally you need to get in early as positions often fill very quickly.

For most jobs you will require a working holiday visa however if you are over 30 work for accommodation is sometimes on offer.  With some roles you may require an international drivers license and if working in hospitality you may be required to bring a white shirt and black pants/shoes.

Speaking Japanese is not always required however it is highly regarded so will put you at an advantage to non bilingual staff.


Most places offer accommodation which could also include breakfast.  Accommodation is normally a shared bunk style room with shared bathroom facilities.


Hotel:                    Shifts can start as early as 6am but this can give you the afternoon to ski and late shifts can end in the wee hours of the morning allowing for earlier time on the snow.  Positions can be varied including restaurant waiter, food  preparation and cooking, reception duties, picking up guests from the station and doing shopping runs, bar work and cleaning.  Alternatively these roles can be specific to just one of these areas depending on the size of the establishment you are employed.


Rental Shop:        Shifts can start from 7.30am and end at 6.30pm but include rest time.  Positions involve helping customers select their ski equipment and clothing and binding adjustment.  There can be some driving with delivery of equipment and also tuning of skis/boards.


Lift Operators:    Shifts generally start from 7.30am and finish after the lifts close around 5pm.   The positions involve clearing snow and opening the lifts, setting up guide ropes and helping guests safely get on and off the lifts.


Ski Instructor:     Start times can vary from 8:30am and finish approximately 4:30pm .  Private lesson times can vary from between 1 to 6 hours.   Most ski schools have group lessons for 2- 2.5 hour in the morning followed by a 2- 2.5 hour lesson in the afternoon.



Snowbeds Japan Pty Ltd each season employ staff.  We are currently open for applications for chef, bar, breakfast server and general hotel positions which include a bit of everything listed under “Hotel”  above. We also have a lodge management role which would ideally suit a couple.  Full time positions are 5-6 days a week and part time up to 20 hours a week.   If you are interested and have a background in hospitality please send us an email with your CV to:  [email protected]


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