Side Trips to Skiing in Japan

28th July, 2013

At just over two and a half hours from Tokyo, Hakuba is one of the easiest resorts to get to in Japan. No changing planes at Narita all you need to do is just jump on the bullet train and cruise up to Nagano at 260kph while sipping on a cold Asahi and enjoying the countryside zipping by outside.  Spend a couple of days shopping in Tokyo or see the sights (Tokyo Disneyland anyone?).  What a way to enjoy an unforgettable holiday.

Just a few places to visit in Tokyo are:

Ginza - for upmarket shopping featuring major department stores, international fashion brand stores, galleries, restaurants and some distinctive architecture.

Roppongi - famous for its nightlife and very popular with foreigners.

Shibuya - featuring Shibuya crossing which is one of the busiest pedestrian crossings in the world. It is also famous for its fashionable shopping , with department stores and shopping malls filled with boutiques.

Shinjuku Station - the world's busiest railway station.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building - the best observation deck in Tokyo.

....and you can't miss out on a trip to Disneyland or Disney Sea which are located only an hour out of Tokyo. 

If you've always wanted to go to Japan to experience the culture, temples, castles, geisha, cuisine etc winter is the best time to go.

Why you ask??  

Two reasons; in summer all the tourist spots in Kyoto, Tokyo, Hiroshima, etc are absolutely PACKED with tourists, mostly Japanese tourists.  Be prepared to wait in lines all the time if you can even get near these places! In winter you can stroll leisurely around these same famous places in almost solitude and get great photos without having other people in them. The other reason? You can combine this with some of the best skiing available on the planet!!  So why  not book your next holiday now and combine culture, shopping and skiing in Hakuba, Japan.

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