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3rd September, 2013

It seems every time we turn on our computer these days there is another site offering ski trips to Hakuba!! We don't know who most of them are and with 17 years living here we know everyone!!  It is easy to make a website; copy and paste info from other sites and arrange with properties to book Hakuba accommodation.  But the question is do you really want the important questions you have to be answered by someone who just arrived last week or someone else whose only skill is building websites and may never have even been here.  Or possibly a call centre in India?!?!  We have had panicked holiday makers in the past call us asking whether such and such company is legitimate as once they paid they can't get hold of them!!  This has happened on not one or two occasions either which is really alarming!

In trying to offer the absolute best for our clients it was brought to my attention that we should have our rates listed in Australian dollars.  Yes that makes it a little easier for our Australian guests but buyer beware! The hotels in Hakuba and all Japan rightly ask for their payments in Yen so all the agents that list their rates in Australian dollars add about 20% to cover any fluctuations in currency exchange rates.  If you read the small print theyalso reserve the right to CANCEL your booking if the currency exchange changes over a certain percentage in your favour and they don’t make money.  They will not however say anything if it changes in their favour and they make more money!!  Surf the net all you like but you WILL NOT get the best price listed in Australian dollars.  To get the best deal for our clients Snowbeds Travel lists all our services in Yen even though we are an Australian and Japan based company.

Book your next Japanese ski holiday with Snowbeds Travel and know you've got the best deal possible with a legitimate company who not only returns your emails and calls once you have paid for your holiday but also is there on the ground in Hakuba should you require us.

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