Skiing in Japan Now

30th June, 2013

There are now tens of thousands of holiday makers enjoying skiing and snowboarding in Japan every year and dozens of new companies have jumped on the bandwagon selling everything from 5 star luxury to cheap package tours. Many newly arrived Australians also bought their own lodges to "live the dream" or investment properties and have helped promote the economy and diversity of these resorts. Don't worry though, these resorts are big enough that even with these numbers the crowds are still much smaller than you will encounter at most other ski resorts in the world.

Snowbeds Japan, also known as, though over 15 years old is still a boutique agency preferring to concentrate on quality over quantity and we have built a strong and loyal client base as evidenced by our glowing customer testimonials. Contact us now to ensure your next Ski Japan holiday is the best it can be.

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