World Class Skiing in Japan

28th June, 2013

It took a while for the world to recognise Japan as a snow destination.  This writer, after telling a prominent Melbourne travel agent some 10 years ago that "Hakuba averages 10-11 metres of snow a year, never has lift lines or crowds and a daily lift pass is only AUD$50" was told; "You don't go to Japan to ski, you go to Canada" Imagine my surprise! What had I been doing in all that powder for the previous five years!?! 

It does sound too good to be true but its not; cheap, but with uncrowded, world class ski conditions, in the same time zone as eastern Australia and only half as far as the traditional skiing destinations of Northern America and Europe. 

Those who were in the know set up companies knowing they were on to a good thing so despite lacklustre interest from agents they persevered with selling Japan as a ski destination.   As their few but growing numbers of customers returned home with amazing stories and photos of incredible untouched snow it started catching on.  Year by year more people came to see if the rumours were true. By around 2005 there were thousands of skiers and snowboarders converted to the Japan snow experience.  The legend was born.

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