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Avoiding the Pitfalls of Booking a Hakuba Hotel

Booking a Hakuba Hotel through a Travel Agent in a Shopping Mall or High Street Shop. NO!

  • Do the comparisons – Dollar comparisons. As many commissions need to be factored in with High St agents.
  • Client to High Street agent (commission) to agent that deals with Japanese wholesalers (commission) to Japanese wholesaler (commission) to Hakuba hotel
  • Do you really need to pay three commissions to book a Hakuba hotel?
  • Also, agents charge in Australian dollars and so have their prices set higher to cover any slight fluctuations in the exchange rate, if the dollar drops enough though you’ll see in the fine print they have the option to charge more or cancel your holiday, However, if the Yen goes down you still pay the same dollar price and they pocket the profits instead of you.

Or, the better option;  Client to Snowbeds Travel (commission) to Hakuba hotel.

Booking a Hakuba Hotel Directly. NO!

  • Snowbeds Travel has been introducing westerners to Hakuba since 1998 and as such prospective visitors often use our site to find out information about Hakuba then sometimes they Google the hotels to see if they can get a cheaper deal than booking through us. Since hotels give us wholesale rates we keep our prices the same or lower then they sell retail.
  • Most hotels worldwide take bookings directly from their guests, but most of the bookings they receive are from travel agents. Hotels use agents to help them fill their rooms because agents have a broader reach and specialize in marketing and advertising leaving the hotel to specialize in running a great hotel.

Booking a Hakuba Hotel with Snowbeds Travel. YES!!

  • We are an internet based company so we are cheaper than High St agents due to less overheads.
  • Experience; we’ve been doing this since 1998 so we know the western market better than the Japanese suppliers and we know what you are looking for.
  • We speak English.
  • We offer support on the ground ie. finding lost items/children, medical help etc.(something you won’t get from the higher priced High St. agents or Hakuba hotels staff)
  • Convenience, Extras; ie. Transfers, lift passes, rentals, lessons, we put custom packages together which hotels can’t do as they can’t access the products we can as agents and you can’t access them yourself either.

Please check our customer testimonials for more evidence of why we are the best way to book your next Japanese ski holiday.

More information

Affordable Ski Packages

7 nights

Brownie Condominiums ¥86,356
Cabin Nets ¥86,890
Hakuba Echo Hotel & Apartments ¥87,400
Annex Lodge ¥89,482
Brownie Chalets ¥91,840
Slopeside Luxury Chalet ¥95,737
Beaver Lodge ¥97,050
Apartments within Hakuba Echo Hotel ¥97,366
The Ridge Apartments ¥98,280
Bluebird Chalets ¥98,775
Goryukan Hotel ¥101,900
Oak Forest Hotel ¥103,000
Alpine Tenshi ¥104,025
Hotel Moegi ¥105,800
Fuku Chalet ¥109,400
Hakuba Mountain Apartments ¥114,816
Traumerei Restaurant and Hotel ¥119,500
The Ridge Hotel ¥119,800
Hotel Hifumi ¥122,250
La Neige Honkan Hotel ¥137,000
Hakuba Tokyu Hotel ¥141,200
Hakuba Mountain Lodge ¥151,818
La Neige Higashikan Hotel ¥152,600

12 nights

Brownie Condominiums ¥122,956
Hakuba Echo Hotel & Apartments ¥127,450
Brownie Chalets ¥135,124
Cabin Nets ¥135,300
Annex Lodge ¥141,182
Bluebird Chalets ¥144,450
Apartments within Hakuba Echo Hotel ¥145,966
Slopeside Luxury Chalet ¥149,850
Beaver Lodge ¥152,000
Goryukan Hotel ¥152,100
The Ridge Apartments ¥156,460
Alpine Tenshi ¥160,325
Oak Forest Hotel ¥162,400
Hotel Moegi ¥167,100
Hakuba Mountain Apartments ¥171,825
Fuku Chalet ¥173,800
The Ridge Hotel ¥191,200
Traumerei Restaurant and Hotel ¥191,400
Hotel Hifumi ¥195,000
La Neige Honkan Hotel ¥221,400
Hakuba Tokyu Hotel ¥228,600
Hakuba Mountain Lodge ¥232,445
La Neige Higashikan Hotel ¥255,600