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Goryu Toomi & Hakuba 47 Resorts
26th September 2013

In tight competition with Happo One for the title of best resort in the valley, this ski area is actually 2 resorts with separate managements and styles but they are connected at the top and are on... More…

Happo One Resort
24th September 2013

Regarded by many as King of the Valley Happo is located half way along said valley at the base of the biggest mountain in the Northern Alps mountain range, Mount Shirouma Dake which means... More…

Hakuba Ski Resorts
19th September 2013

Japan is home to many hundreds of ski resorts spread throughout the mountainous interior of the country and all located on 2 islands; the main Japanese island of Honshu and the northern island of... More…

Ice cold: the coolest new hotspots
17th September 2013

The ski and snowboard world is dominated by big resorts. Skiers and boarders flock to St Anton in Austria, Verbier in Switzerland, Whistler in Canada, Aspen Snowmass and Vail in the US, Niseko in... More…

Tours from Hakuba - Matsumoto Castle
12th September 2013

Another popular tour is Matsumoto Castle located in the beautiful city of Matsumoto.  In Japan there are only four castles that have been designated as “National Treasures” and the... More…

Tours from Hakuba - Snow Monkeys
10th September 2013

A great sideline to skiing, especially when you need a day to recoup, is visiting the snow monkeys.  In northern Nagano Prefecture around two hours from Hakuba is the municipality Yamanouchi.... More…

Self contained accommodation
5th September 2013

Located just off the heart of the main road in Echoland where you will find nightlife, restaurants and shops, Snowbeds Chalet is one of the best positioned self contained accommodations in... More…

Ski Japan sites are EVERYWHERE!
3rd September 2013

It seems every time we turn on our computer these days there is another site offering ski trips to Hakuba!! We don't know who most of them are and with 17 years living here we know everyone!!... More…

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