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No Snow in Summer Part 7
22nd August 2011

A short distance south of the centre of Hakuba is the beautiful Aoki Lake, perfect for cooling off on a hot summers day and overlooked by Sanosaka Ski Resort. The water is crystal clear clean,... More…

Side Trips
19th August 2011

A great sideline to skiing once in Hakuba, and a great excuse to rest for a day, is to visit the snow monkeys or Shinshu Winery and Matsumoto Castle. Another great side trip to your skiing holiday... More…

No Snow in Summer Part 6
14th August 2011

This is the view from the top of the Hakuba Olympi Ski Jump in the middle of summer. The guys are out there training on this thing right now, landing on a plastic grass matting type surface that... More…

No Snow in Summer Part 5
13th August 2011

Today is the start of the Obon Summer holiday in Japan and Hakuba is packed. The holiday is for when your dead ancesters come back to say "Hi" to those still living and all Japanese are supposed to... More…

Powder Riding Tips 1
12th August 2011

Usually you would have to be right on your game to find yourself at the top of a run like the one shown on yesterdays blog but in Japan at one of the "Hakuba Secret Ski Areas" also mentioned in the... More…

Hakuba Moments
11th August 2011

How often have you stood at the top of a slope like this and looked down at completely virgin powder snow? I can tell you that this day the snow was bottomless, meaning that your ski's or snowboard... More…

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