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21st February 2010

It's a cloudless sunny day in Hakuba with hardly a breath of wind, now what should I do??? I suppose I'll just have to go ski some tree's...bummer. More…

Sunny day
20th February 2010

A beautiful sunny day in Hakuba today with fresh snow on the slopes. Japan skiing at its best! More…

13th February 2010

It's dark and forbidding on the peaks outside my window here in Hakuba but the sun is out in the valley and its a lovely day here. More…

Snow returns
12th February 2010

After some disappointing weather the snow has returned to Hakuba, it's been dumping since yesterday afternoon and there is now a good coverage again More…

Another beautiful day
8th February 2010

After the local hordes left last night we have another beautiful day with no crowds on the hill. Powder and sun, you cant beat it!! More…

Perfect day
7th February 2010

After a 3 day storm that gave us about another metre of snow the sun has come out and it's a perfect day to ski in Hakuba. Bottomless fresh snow and blue skies, gotta love it!! More…

Topped up
2nd February 2010

After a couple of lovely days we got some more snow last night, probably 15cms in the driveway this morning More…

Dumped again last night
29th January 2010

I woke up to 30 or 40 cms of fresh snow on the car again this morning. Cant go ride though as the snow is now leaning on the glass half way up the windows on the second floor and needs to be... More…

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