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It just wont stop snowing!
9th February 2013

March is going to be a great month for skiing.  If you haven't booked yet the snow is not going anywhere anytime soon. More…

Anyone got a shovel?
12th December 2012

Before the crowds arrive.  The steps to our shop front haven't even been cleared!  Don't worry you can get to the door by 20 December once the crowds hit town but there are simply more... More…

and more snow!
11th December 2012

Its llike mid January conditions with over 2 metres of snow that has been dumped in the valley in the past 3 days. The pre New Year bookers are going to have the time of their lives.  There... More…

Snow Update
10th December 2012

For those early bookings the start of the season has great snow conditions already with over 50cm of snow falling in the valley in the last two days and it doesn't look like stopping for the next... More…

Mobile Phones
4th December 2012

Do foreign phones work in Japan? Due to different technologies, mobile phones from your home country may not work in Japan. Most importantly, there is no GSM network in Japan, so GSM-only phones do... More…

Snow, Snow and more Snow
27th November 2012

As much as it has been great having the last few lovely sunny days, there is nothing quite like waking up to it snowing.  About 30cm came down overnight in the valley and it doesn't look like... More…

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