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Ski and ride at Hakuba


Shinjuku Bus Terminal - Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal

Shinjuku Bus TerminalHakuba Happo Bus Terminal
8.00 12.30
9.00 13.30
15.30 20.20
17.00 21.30
19.00 23.30
22.30* 5.30*

*Not recommended by Snowbeds Travel as the journey time is longer and nothing is open on arrival.

Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal - Shinjuku Bus Terminal

Hakuba Happo Bus TerminalShinjuku Bus Terminal
7.00 11.30
9.00 13.30
11.00 15.30
14.00 18.30
15.30 20.00
17.00 21.30

To make your travel easier it is possible to have your luggage and gear sent via "tukubin" or courier from the airport, this is a safe, reliable and cheap way not to have to carry your bags. If you get it checked in at their office before 5pm it will arrive 24 hours later in Hakuba. Things sent from Hakuba to any airport need to be sent 48 hours before your flight. Look for a black cat symbol to locate their offices. Cost approximately ¥2,500 per bag one way.

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