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Early Snow in Hakuba
20th November 2011

Not long now till we're skiing! The snow is half way down the mountains already in Hakuba so you better have your accommodation booked already or talk to us soon!!! Japan is set for an epic ski... More…

Hakuba Ski Schools
19th November 2011

When this scribe first arrived in to ski in Hakuba some 15 years ago there was no ski school that had English speaking ski instructors in town. That has been rectified and there are now a number of... More…

Hakuba Accommodation 5
17th November 2011

Located just off the heart of the main road in Echoland, Snowbeds Chalet is one of the best positioned self contained accommodations in Hakuba. Newly renovated in 2008, this 3 bedroom house boasts... More…

Snowbeds Travel
15th November 2011

Is trying to offer the absolute best for our clients. It was brought to my attention that we should have our rates listed in Australian dollars. Yes that makes it a little easier for our Australian... More…

Service Japan Style
14th November 2011

Indonesian service is iffy at the best of times but you can be assured on your Japan ski trip it will be awesome! The Japanese word for customer is O'Kyakusama. The 'O' is an honourific prefix,... More…

Ski Japan Sites are Everywhere!!
10th November 2011

It seems every time we turn on our computer these days there is another site offering ski trips to Hakuba!! We don't know who they are and with 15 years living here we know everyone!! It is easy to... More…

Surf the Powder in Japan
9th November 2011

The surf is flat in Bali right now and most of the summer in the southern states of Australia as well. Why not come ski Japan and surf the powder in Hakuba?! Summer in Australia is powder skiing... More…

Hakuba Accommodation 4
8th November 2011

Snowbeds Travel would like to remind everyone that all our Hakuba properties have been chosen with great care. We have been operating in Hakuba for more than 12 years and want you to come again and... More…

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