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31st August 2011

I think the world is turning upside down, I have just paid US$35 for a plate of tacos a beer and a marguarita in Cancun Mexico!!! I could get a muchly not as good (hey it is  Mexican food in... More…

No Snow in Summer Part 11
29th August 2011

While it's not the beach the watersports available in Hakuba are many. Canyoning has recently been added to the list by our friends at Evergreen Outdoor Centre and while its not strictly a summer... More…

No Snow in Summer Part 10
28th August 2011

Continuing in the water sports vein, when trying to escape the heat in Hakuba you could try White Water Rafting. Once more like the Hotaru/Firefly tours it's book-able through your accommodation... More…

No Snow in Summer Part 9
27th August 2011

With all this talk of great weather in a Hakuba summer why wouldnt you want to take to the skies?!? There are 2 ways to do this and you can book either through your accommodation. I personnaly... More…

No Snow in Summer Part 8
26th August 2011

While Aoki lake just south of Hakuba is a great place to cool off during the hot summer days it also has a pretty cool and unique activity that you can do at night. A Hotaru or Firefly tour. Book... More…

25th August 2011

Summer is one of the most beautiful times in Hakuba. Accommodation is usually cheaper and more plentiful and there are seriously heaps of things to keep you occupied. We have been giving you tips... More…

23rd August 2011

Winter in Hakuba is cold...not really cold but cold enough, maybe 5 below zero....your accommodation is ready for this and provides accordingly, the skiing is great as in all Japan and when you get... More…

No Snow in Summer Part 7
22nd August 2011

A short distance south of the centre of Hakuba is the beautiful Aoki Lake, perfect for cooling off on a hot summers day and overlooked by Sanosaka Ski Resort. The water is crystal clear clean,... More…

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