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Hakuba Ski Resorts all on the one pass
4th August 2011

Ski resorts in Japan are mostly made up of a number of ski areas all under individual management with separate lift passes. Luckily for those visiting Hakuba the local tourism department has... More…

No Snow in Summer Part 2
3rd August 2011

Well it's August now and officially Summer holidays and Hakuba is packed with tourists. It's time to start planning when to shop!! To get the best baguettes in town you will have to visit Mon... More…

A tip on exchanging money in Hakuba
1st August 2011

My esteemed colleague missed one vital piece of info in yesterdays blog, one of the 2 major worldwide credit cards is often rejected by the 7/11 ATM which is the more conveniently located of the 2... More…

Exchanging Money in Hakuba
31st July 2011

It is always recommended to bring some Yen with you to get started. Once in Hakuba to get money there are two international ATMs in Hakuba, one at the 7 Eleven (open 24 hours) and the other at the... More…

Not the Rainy season rain
30th July 2011

Unlike the Japanese ski season the rainy season in Japan has a specific start and end date specified by the Japan meteorological agency each year. So you can imagine my amusement when I mused to my... More…

Seasons in Hakuba
28th July 2011

Hakuba, famous world wide for its awesome ski season actually has four other seasons, yes FOUR other seasons each with their own individual merits of why you should visit then. There's Haru or... More…

No Snow in Summer Part 1
27th July 2011

There's lots to do during summer in Hakuba. Right now the town is slowly filling up with people looking to escape the heat of Tokyo and other cities for a bit of time in the relative cool of... More…

Hakuba Happo Ski Resort
26th July 2011

Happo is the centre-piece of the Hakuba valley and a skiers and boarders paradise. The lifts transport you vertically 1180m up the mountain and it is the biggest ski resort in the area. It also... More…

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