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Couriering Luggage
12th July 2011

When going on your Japanese ski holiday why not take a side trip and visit Tokyo or its surrounding areas and courier ("tukubin") your ski luggage to Hakuba.  Don't travel with all your ski... More…

Peek a Boo
11th July 2011

Where's my car?     Start your Ski Japan adventure! More…

Why Ski in Hakuba?
10th July 2011

Hakuba is one of the largest ski areas on one pass in the country. It has well over 130 lifts which are spread over 6 large areas that you can access with the multi resort inbound lift pass.... More…

Snow Monkeys
9th July 2011

A great sideline to skiing, especially when you need a day to recoup, is visiting the snow monkeys.  In northern Nagano Prefecture around two hours from Hakuba is the municipality Yamanouchi.... More…

What Should I Wear Skiing in Hakuba, Japan.
3rd July 2011

This may seem obvious but it's a question that we hear quite a lot. The temperatures we get in Hakuba are perfect for world class quality snow. During the day from mid December till mid March it... More…

What is a Bento Box?
30th June 2011

Bento is the Japanese way of saying "take-out" meal.  These meals however are also served at home and at restaurants.  They have a number of compartments and are an easy way to store and... More…

Radiation Levels
23rd June 2011

The dose of radiation in Tokyo is not high in comparison with that in major cities in the world. City Dose of Radiation (uSv/h) Date of measurement Tokyo 0.059 6 June, 2011 New York 0.094 31... More…

A great time for skiing in Japan!
18th May 2011

With the snow last season in Hakuba the best on record and the exchange rate in favour of international travellers now is the time to get your bookings in for your next Japan ski holiday. Due to... More…

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